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Month: March 2016

Why Successful Guest Posting Is Just Like Speed Dating

I remember when speed dating first became a “thing.” People decried it as yet another sign we were going the way of the Romans, or television was ruining our society, or human connection wasn’t valued anymore. After trying a few rounds of speed-dating in my younger years, I think it’s not actually a bad thing and its usefulness all comes down to your execution.

In fact, successful guest posting is a lot like speed dating. Pitching guest posts can leave you frustrated, feeling like your dream girl won’t give you the time of day or there’s too many fish in the sea to even figure out which one you’re after. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just like in dating, successful guest posting is all about your strategy. If you come prepared, you’ll go home with a bunch of “numbers” – whether we’re talking phone numbers or traffic numbers to your website.

Here are the three essential steps to successfully pitch yourself and/or your guest post:

1. Know What You Want

Many of us fall into the dating trap of trying to please the other person and not remembering our own goals and needs. This happens in guest posting, too. We’re so eager to get a “yes” that we forget our own strategy. What audience are you trying to reach? What metrics define what a successful guest post is for you? What sort of referral traffic, newsletter sign-ups, or sales are you looking for? Know what you want – don’t just fall for the next pretty website you see.

2. Know What Questions to Ask

If you’re a speed-dating pro, you have a list of questions to ask quickly before your time is up. You use these questions to determine if the person opposite you is in the ballpark of being a match. In guest posting, this looks like doing your research on traffic, reader engagement, post frequency, demographics, and keywords. Find out if your potential suitor has what you’re looking for.

3. Know Who Is Worth the Pursuit

Value yourself and what you have to say. Don’t say yes to just anyone. Your time and content are worth something. Make sure you’re entering into a relationship with an equal partner – one who appreciates you for everything you have to offer. And if this is an ongoing relationship, but you’re not seeing the benefits roll in, remember you can call this thing off at any time.

The Key to Successful Guest Posting

It’s easy in guest posting to fall into the trap of wanting to be liked. We all want to get a “yes” and we’re often so eager to get our name out there that we forget to do our homework and find our perfect match. Like in dating, though, when you do find that right match, it’s mutually beneficial – not to mention fun and enjoyable.

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