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DSC_1905Becca Borawski Jenkins is an editor, writer, and writing coach. She is currently the Managing Editor at both The Whole Life Challenge and StrongFirst. She specializes in building authority and readership through high-quality content. She also coaches private clients, does developmental editing for non-fiction book projects, and ghostwrites for a variety of story-telling projects she can’t tell you anything about (but that are super, super fun).

Her first managing editor position was at Breaking Muscle—a job she earned based on the success of her personal blogging. There, she oversaw a team of writers and editors, and took the site from an average of 900 unique pageviews per day to 205,503 unique pageviews per day—an audience of almost five million readers each month.

Though she was born with the instinct to write, as a teenager she decided that a career in film and television would be more “practical” (don’t ask her the logic behind that). But even while studying filmmaking, she excelled as a writer, having a play produced in undergrad and a script turned into a short film in graduate school. While earning her MFA in Cinema-Television Production at USC’s famed film school, she focused mainly on scriptwriting and editing—both core elements of good story telling and fantastic ways to study story structure.

Becca’s obsession with story telling and writing continues to this day. She has taken numerous courses through UCLA’s Writers’ Program, the Attic Writing Institute (Portland, Oregon), LitReactor, and Mediabistro, and is a rabid consumer of books on the writing craft. She writes non-fiction and fiction, in both short and long form. She was nominated for the UCLA Writer’s Program 2016 Allegra Johnson Prize in Novel Writing and was among the Top 30 in the 2015 Dana Awards for novel writing.

Her first short story was published by concīs. Since then she has been published in The Forge, bosque magazine, The Citron Review, Five:2:One Magazine, Entropy Magazine, Jersey Devil Press, Flash Frontier, Five on the Fifth, Corium, freeze frame fiction, Danse Macabre, Menacing Hedge, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Toasted Cheese, Animal, and Body Parts Magazine. She has more work forthcoming in a variety of journals.

You can see her publication listings and read her work here.

While Becca has written for a wide range of websites and print publications herself, her students and clients have been published in many more, including some of the top health and fitness websites in the world. Her latest work as a developmental editor resulted in the sale of Chael Sonnen and Ryan Parson’s exercise and nutrition book, The Four-Pack Revolution, to Rodale—and this is not the only book she’s helped get to this point.

Becca believes the touch of an editor should be a light one and, in the case of a tie, the writer’s voice should always win out. And while Becca is hands off when it comes to the writer’s voice, she is proactive in teaching how to structure an article and how to capture and retain audiences. She doesn’t just edit; she truly enjoys spreading the art of writing.

“Becca has been instrumental in the success of my writing process for years. When my work is returned to me after being edited, it always comes with a lesson included. The lesson may be an explanation as to why word order was reorganized, or why grammar was changed. Links are attached with further explanations as to how I can solve challenges with my writing and more. Editing that comes with education is priceless. I’d much rather learn than just be corrected. I can’t recommend working with Becca highly enough, her availability and attentiveness are second to none. I am the writer I am today because of her tutelage.”

~Traver Boehm

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