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Category: Media Appearances

My Transition From Day Job to Dream Job

Recently, I was a guest on a new podcast from Adam Stanecki of Fill Your Gym. So, in a former life, I was a personal trainer and group fitness coach. I’ve had a few former lives. I’ll tell you the Mariah Carey stories another time.

Making Writing Dreams a Reality

But today, I’d like you to listen to the stories in this podcast. While I do talk about the fitness industry, I also talk about my transition from a job where I worked on everybody’s schedule but my own to a location independent full-time writing and editing gig. And I firmly believe I’m not so special that you couldn’t do something similar, as well.

So please, listen. It won’t take all that long – it’s about 47 minutes total. And I may not be an objective party, but I personally quite enjoyed listening to it, even though I said it all myself.

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