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Coaching & Editorial Services

“I owe the success of my writing career to Mrs. Jenkins. Learning from her opened doors in the writing world I didn’t think existed for me. I will be forever grateful for Mrs. Jenkins’ guidance, and she is still the first person I’d go to if I ran into a problem with my writing. She’s an amazing teacher, and I am so thankful I had a chance to learn from her.”

~ Amber Larsen

Internet Articles – Editing Services 500-1,500 word articles – $50.00

  • Find out how to write specifically for Internet audiences
  • Receive detailed feedback on content and its potential audience appeal
  • Get advice on how to improve your structure
  • Learn how to improve your word choice, grammar, and punctuation

First read is $50.00; each additional read is $15.00.

Books, eBooks, and Project-Based Editorial Services

  • Do you have an eBook, book, or other item that needs content editing and/or proofreading?
  • Do you have an idea, but need help creating a proposal, outline, or developing it into a full-fledged project?

I have helped people develop and sell their projects to publishing companies. Let’s find out if we might be a good match for working together! Prices vary depending on the project. Fill out the contact form for more information.

Copyediting and Proofreading for Foreign Language Writers – $4.00-6.00 per page

  • Receive detailed feedback on grammar and punctuation
  • Fine tune your word choices, metaphors, and imagery to English
  • Get feedback from a native English speaker/writer/editor

Price depends on the density of the writing. Fill out the contact form to get a quote.

Private Coaching Calls – $25.00 per 30-minute call

  • Coaching customized to your needs
  • Determine your goals and create a plan to achieve them
  • Learn about idea generation
  • Create a rock-solid writing habit
  • Get advice on resources that can help you
  • Have someone to hold you accountable and keep you moving forward
  • Be inspired and stay motivated

Personalized Private Coaching or Guided Writing Groups

  • Fill out the contact form for more information on private coaching or private writing groups. These are customized to fit your needs and goals.
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