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“I had completed a self-study program and thought I was fairly competent. Becca’s course made me take what I knew and make it even better. Becca showed me how to tailor and refine my work for real world publication. I was very happy with the improvements I made by the end of the course.”

~ Peter Haas

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How to Write Meaningful Content for the Internet

Session 1 – Jul 18, 2016
Session 2 – Sep 19, 2016

DURATION:  6 weeks


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Writing a simple blog entry is one thing, but writing meaningful content for your website that can influence people and change lives is another. Do you know what differentiates the two?

This six-week course will teach you everything you need to know to write well-crafted, inspired works that draw people to your website and draw people to you as an author and influencer. Whether you are guest posting for other websites to increase your platform or increasing your traffic and readership, the skills and techniques you learn in this class will serve you well.

I will teach you the basics of article structure, how to garner the interest of readers without tricky titles or hours of SEO, and how you can deliver actionable takeaways for your readers with every article. You will learn how to attract readers from the first sentence and how to keep them reading through to the very end. In the process, you will learn how to create solid arguments, structure any and all research, and how to incorporate story-telling elements into your non-fiction work.

After two rounds of individualized feedback and weekly assignments, you will have a polished article in hand. Then, I will teach you how to write a query letter that will get a yes.

If you’re seeking to be known as someone who writes meaningful and impactful pieces for the Internet, then this class is for you. The skills and knowledge taught in this class could be the difference between blogging into the ether and reaching potential publishers and consumers.


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The 3 Essential Steps to Landing a Guest Post

Session 2 – Oct 24, 2016

DURATION:  3 weeks


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a writer like the words: query letter. But while writing a query letter is daunting, it’s actually only one step in the process of landing a guest posting slot. In fact, it’s the last step and most classes don’t teach you the first two steps—identifying ideal websites and formulating winning article ideas.

In this three-week course, we’ll spend a week on each of the three essential steps to landing a guest post. You will learn how to analyze websites and what tools to use. You’ll save yourself (and many over-worked editors) hours and hours of time by strategically pitching to the sites that can benefit you most. You will learn what editors are looking for in article ideas and how to write a query letter that delivers a winning presentation of both you and your ideas.

Each week you will receive personalized feedback on your assignments. You will finish this class knowing which sites to target and what ideas are the best fit for those sites. You will also have an edited and polished query letter and bio in hand, and the tools to interact with an editor and give them the answers they’re looking for.

If you are seeking to expand your readership, boost product sales, or build your author platform, then you know guest posting is a key strategy. The first step to guest posting is not the query letter—it’s all the preparation that comes before you write one word. Once you master these three essential steps, you’ll never fear the query letter again.


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