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How to Be Healthy Even Though You’re a Writer

Sometimes we replace bad habits with good habits. But more often than not, we replace good habits with other good habits. What I mean by that is, maybe you always wanted to have a daily writing habit. And now you’ve made a serious commitment, and you get up every morning to write your 750 words without fail.

But your morning run has gone by the wayside in the process.

Or you eat some sort of toaster pastry instead of making a healthy breakfast.

The time that you “created” for writing was really borrowed from a different positive habit. Your overall “win” column hasn’t actually progressed, you’ve just swapped one thing for another.

And now you kind of miss running. And you’re sick to death of the frosting on those nasty pastries.

Writing Makes Regular Life Hard.

Writing is a hard habit. And if you can make it a career, it’s a hard career. You’re by yourself most all of the time. You’re in charge of your own schedule. And you might really think that popcorn and hard cider make you more creative (who me?). Not to mention you’re sitting still all day as you work. Even if you’ve managed to progress yourself to a standing desk, you’re still standing in one place all day. And when your deadline gets moved up or you say “yes” to another gig, it’s just too easy to order delivery food and let the kettlebells get even more rusty out there in the rain on the porch.

You Have the Power. You’ve Done It Before.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Writers can be healthy people, too. I know this for a fact, for every single one of you. Because if you’ve created a writing habit, then you’ve overcome some of the nastiest, most overwhelming negative forces there are – those voices in your head. And if you can overcome those voices when it comes to writing, you can overcome them on every other front as well.

And in case you doubt me, I’ve got a plan. I’m making my comeback to being healthy on a daily basis, as well. My writing practice is strong, but muscles have been getting a vacation – and I’m going to change that. I’d love for you to join me in this new habit-forming, lifestyle-improving adventure.

I’m going to harness the power of The Whole Life Challenge. If you want to make a change in your health, then join my team. Make a commitment to swap a few bad lifestyle habits for good lifestyle habits.

Once you watch the video, then click here to read the Challenge FAQ and join me. Let’s get up and get out there. Yes, we can make a difference in other people’s lives with our writing – but we can also make a difference in our own lives with some simple, not-time-consuming daily habits. Habits like eating a little better, exercising for ten minutes per day, stretching, and drinking water. (Seriously, if you can write, you can totally do any of that! You probably spend more time procrastinating before you write than any of that actually takes!)

And if none of that grabs you, how about this:

The healthier we are…

…the longer we get to be on the planet.

And the longer we’re on this planet, the more words we get to write.

Becca Borawski Jenkins
Writer & Editor
Becca Borawski Jenkins is an editor, writer, and writing coach. She is currently the Managing Editor at both The Whole Life Challenge and StrongFirst. She specializes in building authority and readership through high-quality content. She also coaches private clients, does developmental editing for non-fiction book projects, and ghostwrites for a variety of story-telling projects she can’t tell you anything about (but that are super, super fun).
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