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The World Needs Meaningful Content, The World Needs You

Do you remember the first time someone read one of your stories and loved it? Do you remember how good you felt?

Now, think back. Did that person say, “Hey, kid. This story is great. Can I buy your notebook?”

Probably not.

It was probably more like, “Wow, you transported me to another world.” Or when you got a little older, it was, “You reminded me of when I lost someone, too.” And if you wrote something powerful, somebody might have said, “I don’t feel so alone. My life is different now. Thank you.”

That’s writing with impact – with meaning. It feels good to your audience, and it’s rewarding to you as the writer.

Writing meaningful content is powerful because it can:

  • Help someone achieve their dream career
  • Inspire someone to make a challenging decision
  • Encourage someone to make a healthier lifestyle choice
  • Motivate someone to declare a new goal
  • Activate someone’s curiosity in a whole new area of learning
  • Provide the tools someone needs to do that thing they’ve always wanted to do

Those are things worth doing – and worth inspiring in others.

It’s up to you to find the power to fuel your words. But here’s a big hint: power comes from passion. You’re most likely to be powerful in the same places you’re most passionate. Ask yourself, what drives you? What do you have to share?

Remember how much you loved writing those stories as a kid? How endlessly you imagined about the unicorns, or robot builders, or race car drivers? Find that kind of passion. That excitement that made you fill notebooks full of words, one after the next. Ignite that kind of passion in other people by touching them with your flame.

Meaningful Content Sells Better Than Meaningless

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “That’s great, and I do want to change the world, but I still need to sell my widget to keep a roof over my head.” Here’s the beauty of writing meaningful content: it doesn’t mean you can’t sell. It does mean you’re not just selling.

You’re writing to share information, to create connection, and to put something worthwhile into the world. You’re writing to provide people with tools. You’re writing to reveal opportunities and solve problems. You’re writing to make a difference and you are making a difference.

In the process you’re also creating authority, establishing expertise – and selling your widgets because you’re seen as someone who creates valuable, worthwhile things. One of these “things” is the act of doing good. You’re doing something good for somebody else somewhere in the world. Maybe multiple somebodies, in many places. That might not show up in the accounting books, but it should show up on some internal scorecard you’re keeping. Because making a difference counts for something. In fact, it counts for everything.

And the world needs more people checking that box on their scorecards.

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Becca Borawski Jenkins
Writer & Editor
Becca Borawski Jenkins is an editor, writer, and writing coach. She is currently the Managing Editor at both The Whole Life Challenge and StrongFirst. She specializes in building authority and readership through high-quality content. She also coaches private clients, does developmental editing for non-fiction book projects, and ghostwrites for a variety of story-telling projects she can’t tell you anything about (but that are super, super fun).
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