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Writers Wanted Listings

These positions are open to new writers and experienced writers. Don’t shy away if you’ve never written before, as long as you can still provide some writing samples. These positions do not pay but provide an excellent opportunity to:

  • Increase your platform through exposure to new audiences
  • Build and diversify your writer portfolio
  • Get feedback and critique of your writing and pitches
  • Gain experience working with an editor

All of these publication opportunities are with major health and fitness websites.

Food Lover and Recipe Writer:

  • Healthy, whole-foods based recipes.
  • Can be paleo, not-paleo, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. – exact diet guidelines required will be provided if your application is accepted.
  • Must be capable of providing high-quality photographs with each recipe.
  • Position will require one recipe submission per month.

Awesome Life-Improving Content Creators:

  • Looking for coaches, trainers, or life coaches who can teach aspects of health, wellness, or fitness via either written articles or short videos.
  • Topics could be anything involving self improvement and living a better life: exercise, nutrition, goal setting, personal development topics, meditation, mobility, leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, finding happiness, and much more. The options are pretty endless depending on your creativity and expertise. Tell me how you help people!
  • If you do a video, it will be hosted on the website/YouTube of the publication, not your personal website.
  • Videos should be 3-10 minutes; articles should be 800-1300 words.
  • Looking for one-time guest contributors, but icould lead to a regular (and possibly paid) freelance position.

Writers Who Are StrongFirst Instructors:

  • Looking for experienced StrongFirst instructors to contribute to the StrongFirst website.
  • The content should be relevant. Do not be afraid to take a risk with a new or under-explored topic, but it should still be targeted to the SF audience.
  • It is recommended that you have a strong opinion, be yourself, and communicate authentically.
  • Use examples and/or case studies. Provide an in-depth understanding of your topic and discuss real-world application.
  • Articles should be 800-1200 words in length. You will be required to supply your own photographs. Make sure you can provide photos you own or photos you have written permission to use.
  • Looking for one-time guest contributors, but could lead to more regular contributions.

If you are interested in any of these positions and would like to be considered (and learn more details on the specific opening), please follow these directions:

  1. Send an email to writingcoachbecca at
  2. Use the subject “Application for [position name]” (ex: “Application for “How To” Writer”)
  3. Attach your resume and/or a brief explanation of your relevant experience, certifications, and/or qualifications
  4. Include a brief explanation of what makes you unique and ideal for the position
  5. Include links to 2-3 relevant writing, recipe, or video samples (attach samples if you have not been published before)

Applications without all of the above will not be considered. Applications without the proper subject may experience a delay in response. Please follow the instructions. Thank you!

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